Residential Treatment Programs

Our residential treatment program offers an intensive continuum of care for those adolescents struggling with behavioral and/or emotional issues. In order to address these issues in an effective manner, we ensure that all students are offered and included in the many aspects of our program including individual therapy sessions, group therapy sessions, family therapy sessions and psychiatric visits on a weekly basis. We also encourage all students to further their progress through participation in our academic, recreational therapy and behavior modification programs.

To meet the individual needs of each one of our students, we encourage continued participation in the following program options:

Day Treatment Program – Unlike many other treatment facilities, Youth Care can provide our students with a day treatment option, where students get a chance to live with their family at night and on the weekends while experiencing the same therapeutic care of our residential program during the weekdays. Our dedicated therapists find that the support that comes from this type of environment allows our students to apply the new principles they learn on a regular basis into a setting they are comfortable in.

Transition Home Program – Our transition home program is referred to as “Independent Community Placement (ICP)” and is an excellent resource for students who need to obtain realistic transition prior to returning home to their families. Students in this program get the opportunity to live with a licensed foster care family within the community and attend Youth Care during the weekday. As an extension of our residential program, ICP provides students with the same kind of support and therapy as our residential program, and also provides them with the opportunity to become better prepared for their transition back to their family or to an independent living situation.