“In October our daughter’s life had gotten completely out of control. She was running away, struggling with substance abuse and experiencing bipolar symptoms. The police became a part of our lives. I sent her to Youthcare in desperation, to keep her safe and to keep our family safe from her. At YouthCare she was able to stablize. She got clean and sober, she got her medications sorted out, she got tremendous therapy and she stayed on track in school. Youthcare is nurturing and clinically creative. The clinicians and staff went out of their way to help her feel safe. They went out of their way to help us stay connected with her during her four month stay. They helped me with the insurance issues and advocated on my behalf. I can’t say enough about how grateful I am for the care our daughter received at Youth Care.”

“My son came to Youth Care with complicated self-destructive issues that after 6 years of misdiagnoses and a dozen or so doctors and hospitals, were finally successfully diagnosed and treated at Youthcare. The very individualized intensive and loving care he received from all of the staff, psychologists, and doctors centered Jake on a clear wellness path, kept his academics current and sent him home about 10 months ago. He’s now on a successful education track and has become a strong, focused, and responsible young man who is exploring colleges and a career with hope and a future that I never thought was possible. Youthcare and PineRidge literally saved Jake’s life.”

“I was really impressed with the staff and counselors at YouthCare. They cared about my son as an individual and were able to help him with his unique needs. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who is experiencing problems with troubled teens.”

“Youth Care saved my life. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it was not for the life skills I learned while in treatment. You have to be willing to the work while you are in treatment as you have a wonderful support system they can’t do the work for you, as it is in your hands what you want to take from your time spent there. I am beyond thankful that my mom made the hard decesison to send me far away to better mylife and get me back on the right track so I can be as happy as I am today.”

“Youth Care saved my son’s life. I knew he was in trouble but I had no idea the extent of his problems until he was placed in treatment. The day I left my son in treatment was traumatic, I cried the rest of the day but that night I was able to go to bed and know he was safe. We moved forward from that time forward. It has been over 15 years since his treatment and he has become a wonderful husband and father. Thank you Youth Care we love you.”

“Youthcare saved our daughter and family. The staff is professional yet caring. They truly cared for my daughter. They wanted her to succeed. The staff, therapist and director were always available to me to get an update and offer advice and encouragement. By the end of her stay, I can honestly say that I considered Youthcare, family.”

“Youth care saved my daughter’s life. The support and care she received there was truly transformational and I will be forever grateful to everyone at Youth Care for everything they did for all of us!”

“The staff was wonderful and really seemed to care about my son as an individual. Thank you for giving me my son back.”

“Youth Care gave my son the foundation he needed to transition back into our family. I am proud and thankful to say George is drug free, working two jobs and loves his life! Thank you Youth Care!”

“I want to express our gratitude and thanks to your wonderful program! Our son had been struggling for many years with his own identity. When he approached high school age, in desperation, he started acting out. Very quickly it got to the point where we felt we couldn’t keep him safe even from himself.”

“The research began! My husband and I spent every spare moment on the Internet and telephone desperately trying to get our son the help he needed, and quickly. We toured the Aspen Education Group and extensively looked into the many programs and facilities. Youth Care seemed to be the perfect place to send our son. We searched their website and felt very confident as their program explained everything in detail. It was the hardest decision we have ever had to make concerning our child. We are so thankful that it was the right one.”

“Visiting Youth Care to see our son was truly amazing. The programs were open and honest and the staff was always professional and helpful. It was an experience of a lifetime for all of us. Our son completed the Youth Care program and we now have him home again. We know with all our hearts that this program saved his life! Not only is he home, but he is more confident and self-assured then he has ever been. Our son has long-term goals as well as self-esteem. He finally, for the first time, sincerely loves who he is.”

“Youth Care taught our son life skills to live by and to truly get to know himself and to overcome his fears and insecurities. Deep in our hearts we didn’t know if there was hope and Youth Care gave us that too. Thank you!”